Friday, 8 February 2013

Wyuna's going nth up the Caribbean Lesser Antillees

Stern anchored on old pier 
Going into (not with) NE winds to 3 islands, 
3 countries, in 3 weeks....

Hidy ho! We sailed WYUNA fast across the passage to make St Vincent’s in daylight. An island of pirate hideaways, historic battles, steep west coast, and fertile hills for growing fruits and gunga. Locals tied us stern ashore in Cumberland Bay so we were safe and could rest for the night.

Fine BLT dining in Soufriere
Sainte Lucia...we crossed the passage on 15 Jan,an hour later we anchored, excited to meet Byron in Soufriere in the SthFishing boats, were too close so Captain Bob became our guide. 

Shut your mouth Bruce your not the captain

Up early on monday we motored 1 mile round the cliff face to lay in awe, under the Petite and Gros Pitons for 3 days- Caribbean's wonder of the world.

Looking from trail walk
In ancient times, a volcanic caldera, the ∆ shapes liken a 3 headed islander god. Too steep for us to climb but iguanas do!
Captain Byron
At Couchon our next mooring, Byron & Gina snorkelled. At 7am we ate breakfast, set the sails & chartplotter for 15 miles nth, did a breezy 8knts while Byron helmed. 

No tuna caught, only the fishing line wrapped around the prop-shiiiit 

Rodney Bay is famed for an English Fort, dive locations and eateries! 
Diving the Pitons

Byron & Gina(a tad nervous) decided to buddy for the Advanced Padi 3 day scuba course (deep water). A big attraction was returning to the Pitons to take the challenge; of the Superman II dive along the piton wall, scuba a 155ft freighter wreck, and descend the Gros piton wall to 100ft deep …where we bounced an egg yolk, can you believe it? 
A heap of fun & confidence booster.

Scuba Gina's bubbles

Going under for 6 dives opened up a whole world of exploring marine life, liking the quiet, we gazed at rays and crays, and constantly checked the psi gauge to be safe underwater.

Where are those pesky French?
True to form at midday we dinghy-ed and walked Pigeon island, Fort Rodney to see where Admiral Rodney blasted canons at pirates & planned the Battle of the Saintes, 300 ships fired on the french fleet to win the territory.

Spanish Tapas Bar Rodney Bay
Roni and James, Harlequinn friends and us went (in the rain) by dinghy to a waterside Spanish Tapas Bar, for delicious seafood on Australia Day eve. 

We waved goodbye to Byron on 26th to fly home after enjoying 2 weeks together.

Bonjour Martinique......St Anne was a little quiet this year (the week before Carnaval) so we cleared customs and sailed to Grand Anse. We snorkeled a sunken yacht and at sunset met yachty mates on the beach, for free Wi-Fi, and view WindGuru weather forecasts on the iPad.

Lamentin Band shakers
Some dislike it, but we feel at home in Fort de France the capital, maybe ..we long for urban culture, charms of creole french people, traditional Paris architecture and fluro street life! 

Under the lee of Fort de France

Plus it's calming to sit under the French Military Fort. 

Mt Pelee
Our last day, we spent at ST Pierre a quaint french town, framed by a volcano, which killed all but one survivor,a prisoner in 1902. Local belief is it was revenge for the europeans killing the Kalinago people.

So far ..we've also joined the 8am Mosquito Net (Aus&NZ yachts), still stupidly walk in midday heat, can't catch tuna, make a mean planteur punch, had 3 weeks with a blocked head(not human) and now play double 6 dominoes.

Gina also took her first fall, fully clothed into the water, stepping to the dinghy dock - in front of a lunch cafe crowd!

Our new haul out 
destination for WYUNA is Puerto Rico, which is terrifc, ...we don't return Sth,we cruise the Virgin Islands (US,Spanish & British) April-June.


  1. Hi Gina and Bruce, how wonderful to hear from, I love your blog. You sound like you're having an amazing time, what a life time experience.
    We're all well and working hard. We are doing a cruise to NZ Sat for 2 weeks, nothing as exciting as your trip !
    We miss you heaps, are you planning to visit home this year?
    Lots of love Viv, Priit, Tia and Matti xoxoxox

  2. do you still have a blocked head????

    less than 4 weeks (weather dependant)before we head off into the big blue ourselves.... plenty to do as I am sure you can imagine

    Keep having fun